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by Mmdelai

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released December 25, 2010

Annemarie Duff



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Track Name: Lucid Town
Before you close your eyes, look down
Before you move on, look around
Before you take those steps look out
For your white noise
It's where you go once you lose your voice

And it's a lucid game in this sweet earth that you make
But there's dust engrained under your weathered veins
Don't look down don't look down

And now it's only time that can tell
Just what your crooked hands have failed
We've got dust engrained under our weathered veins
Don't look down don't look down
You'll fail
Track Name: Marbles
Tiny marbles float away
Towards a setting sun
Melt away, flow away
Marbles saw the sun
Saw the sun, saw the sun

Float away
Marbles found the sun
Stay for glowing time
Float away, flow away
marble found the sun
Float away, Float away

They don't try to find
They'll know time as the hand passes
Don't try to find the time
Don't hide
Float away towards a setting sun
Tiny marbles saw the sun
Track Name: Paper Boat
How much more can you take
Someone said you can't take your fate
How much more will you fade
Slip this way a full moon waits

Dear dear dear
How much change for your tears
Dear dear dear
Does it matter?
It's a tiny paper boat, does it matter?
Paper boat matters
Paper doesn't bother
doesn't mother
doesn't cover doesn't smother
it's a book undercover
paper doesn't bother
run for Mother Hubbard

Read me a bed time story
Before the sun leaves
With the leaves on the trees
Read me a bed time story
Before the sun leaves
Track Name: Ride on the lake
Ride on board your heavy boat
Riding to keep afloat
Across your endless seas
Riding to not feel

You came across a weathered mane
Who showed you not to feel the same weight
Free ride across your silky shimmer sea
Toward your silver topped memory
Free ride across your sparkling memories
Begin before you hit the sea
Your shimmer sea

Walk on water, walk on water
Ride across your shimmer sea
and breath
Your sparkling memories

There's not much time, enjoy the ride